2nd Saturdays in 2021: Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 11
Hours: 4:00 to 7:00pm
Location: The area served by the North Monroe Business District

North Monroe Business District is seeking businesses and artists to participate in our ArtWalk events.  There is sufficient interest within the NMBD members to offer an ArtWalk throughout the District beginning Oct. 9 and continue the 2nd Saturday of each month as a tradition.

This partnership, between business and the arts, will put a spotlight on many talented artists in our community AND the amazing venues that host art on display. The ArtWalk also brings an opportunity to discover your unique shops and restaurants.

Participants Wanted to Host ArtWalk Events – 2nd Saturdays on N. Monroe

We need businesses to participate by providing space for artists to display their work. Artists and businesses who are interested in participating in the 2021 ArtWalk are encouraged to contact the ArtWalk coordinator DeAnne at (509) 993-3459.

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Current Venues include:

Atomic Threads
Bellwether Brewing Co.
Elliotts an urban kitchen
Furniture Outpost & Born Again Collection
Knox Presbyterian Church
The Monroe Room


  • Plan with your artist. Talk with your artist about expectations — where they can display art, how much space to use, when to bring it and who is to hang it, whether the artist will need to bring easels, a table, etc. How long the art will be on display, who will handle sales, commission? It is completely up to your individual business as to how you handle sales and whether you want to charge a commission on art sales. We are investigating ways to utilize QR Codes to make this less work for the businesses.
  • Ask your artist to have labels, an inventory list and pricing information, especially if the art will remain on display when the artist is not present.
  • Arrange with your artist to have their displays ready prior to 4PM on the evening of the ArtWalk.
  • Greet your guests and introduce your ArtWalk artist(s) for the evening. We recommend providing some wine & cheese or some other light snack for the attendees.
  • Let us know how your ArtWalk experience goes. Feedback is so valuable, and your unique experience will help us to make improvements for businesses and artists alike.


Participating businesses make the 2nd Saturday ArtWalk possible. NMBD will promote your business in the following ways:
  • Logo on the front of the ArtWalk  guide map
  • Inclusion on the ArtWalk section of our website: https://meetonmonroe.com
  • Mention at all self-guided tour stops on the ArtWalk
  • Mention on our social media pages
  • As this grows we hope to get more recognition to include press releases.
Businesses and Artists can help spread the word too:
  • Businesses will be provided multiple printed “Self-Guided Tour Map and Artist Information” for the ArtWalk to hand out to their customers.
  • Businesses should promote on Social Media. “Like” your artist on Facebook. Set up an event on your page and invite your friends!
  • Artists are encouraged to reach out to their followers to bring in as many guests as possible for their opening night at the ArtWalk.


If you need help in locating an artist, have questions, or have an artist to refer to the program, contact Tina at Atomic Threads, (509) 598-8755.

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ArtWalk Entry Form

    Are you a business venue or an artist?

    Businesses who host artwork must be on the North Monroe Corridor between Boone and Courtland.

    Where will the artwork be exhibited? Business Venue Name:

    What month will the art be featured?
    Please submit at least 2 weeks prior to date of show.

    Business email:

    We understand that artists have different contact preferences, so please fill in what applies.

    Artist name:

    Artist Biography (no more than 3 paragraphs please):

    Artist contact info:

    Attach an art sample here:
    One photo sample of the art is required - please upload it here, file size limit is 5MB.

    Want to get involved?

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