The Hub Tavern

The Hub Tavern
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The Hub Tavern is a popular neighborhood hangout and a refuge for the working class…coldest beer…coolest crowd. Hockey, hot dogs and a “hometown” feel. This is your tavern, a Spokane Staple for the past 88 years…so “Roll-on-In ” when you Meet on Monroe!
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This business was around during WW1 and many other wars and police actions, the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, Black Tuesday when the US Stock Market Crashed, depressions/recessions, Apollo 11, civil rights, 9/11, car crashing into the building, road-diets, COVID-19 and many more events that shaped our history…so far, we have stood the test of time.

During the teens, twenties and into the early thirties, our small business was a neighborhood butcher shop, the “Glass-front butcher shop”. The Hub, like many other small businesses survived because neighbors shopped locally and the owners reinvested in their community-paying taxes, sourcing supplies locally, employing tradesmen to improve and maintain the building and equipment and providing jobs for their family and many employees.

When the business was launched, it was attached to the owners home, so as long as they worked hard to keep their vision of the “American Dream” alive, they would also have a roof over their heads, food on their table and a business to call their own. They did what was best for their family, their business and their community.

Prohibition (1920-1933) ended and FDR’s New Deal started picking up some speed, the “Glass Front Butcher Shop” became the “Glass front Beer Parlor” and In 1934 changed the name to “The Hub Tavern”…Hub “passed-along” and “aural-history” has it that the owners during prohibition made more selling beer out the back than beef out the front and decided to formally make the change from beef to beer but nobody knows for sure.

The Great depression couldn’t sink this non-essential business, even when jobs dried up and banks failed, this non-essential business figured out a way to keep their doors open and provide a modest living for them and their employees…they paid their taxes, saved where they could and despite the economy crumbling around them, they worked for what was theirs.

For the past 88 years, The Hub Tavern has provided for family after family among them, The Spencers, The Knudsons, The Wordals, The Carrols, The St. Johns, The Coppingers, The Murphys, TheTungs, The Deusers and for the past eight years our family.

This is your tavern, a Spokane Staple that has been entrusted to us and for the past nine years, we have tried our best to keep the beer cold, the jokes crude and to make you all feel welcome. It is you that have continued to make The Hub Tavern a popular neighborhood hangout and a refuge for the working class and for that we are grateful.

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509 3267447
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2926 N Monroe
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  • The Hub Tavern
  • The Hub Tavern
  • The Hub Tavern

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