ugly christmas tree

Dec. 11 ArtWalk on Monroe

N. Monroe has an ArtWalk event on Dec. 11th 2021. All the venues will be open from 4pm – 7pm on Saturday.

To get into the spirit of things without taking ourselves too seriously, this month the venues will show off their interpretations of “Ugly Christmas Trees!”

The ArtWalk on Monroe is a new tradition to display art on the 2nd Saturday of each month at businesses along the N. Monroe Corridor. We have plenty of free parking, lots of eats and drinks, and fun shops to explore along the way. Come out and join us!

Here’s a list of ArtWalk participants!

Featured Artist: Robin M. Milligan

Robin M Milligan painting of waterfall

Robin M. Milligan enjoys the natural beauty of the world. “The ongoing drama of everyday life Colored in whimsy by my fingers and brushes The all powerful mundane! The electricity and tides of relationships The clashing of personalities The ongoing struggle for freedom and security And the battles fought within. Working against the pressures of social and self imposed expectations To get back to a place of joyfulness Hoping that nature is allowed to remain untouched and beautiful Even if that means letting the flaws shine. I have lived all over the west coast, settling in Spokane 2004. I focus my time with my children and in my studio creating. Spending as much in the sunshine and water as possible. Traveling the world to discover culture and see nature in all of its glory. Learning is my greatest passion.”
facebook @robinmilliganart
instagram @robin_m_milligan

Atomic Threads is located at 1925 N. Monroe Suite A, Spokane, WA  99205


Featured Artist: Keiko Von Holt

Keiko Von Holt

Guest Artist: Karen Robinette

Karen Robinette

Both artists are members of the Watercolor society. You can purchase their artwork and contact them through the gallery.

Avenue West Gallery is located at 907 W Boone, Spokane, WA  99201


Featured: Lena Beumer

Lena Beumer is doing her first art show! She is 13 years old. Nature is a driving force in her creations as she loves the beauty the surrounds her in the outdoors. She finds it in the falling leaves, rugged mountains, and inviting waters. Lena continues to explore new ways to create art that are personal to her and showcase the wonder of God’s creation. She hopes her art brings some joy to your day.

Bellwether just launched a new Advent Beer Calendar! And they are introducing a new brew! Remnant is a big beer, robust in caramel notes & barrel flavor! 10.5% ABV

Bellwether Brewing Co. is located at 2019 N. Monroe, Spokane WA 99205

Featured Artist: Brenda Kivett

Brenda Kivett

Brenda Kivett was raised in Spokane Valley. She works with acrylic paint in abstract forms.
Facebook @Brenda A Kivett

Elliotts an urban kitchen is located at 2209 N. Monroe, Spokane WA  99205


Featured Artist: Nancy L. Stewart

Nancy L. Stewart photo of Centennial Trail at Millwood

Nancy Stewart is a photographer living in the Pacific Northwest and traveling extensively to chronicle the frequently overlooked natural marvels around us. Minimal post processing allows her work to retain the maximum impact of those images. Nancy worked for the Forest Service in the 70’s and spent her summers on patrol, watching over and protecting the forests. It was an experience that deepened her love and respect for nature.

“Always with my camera at my side, I have watched the changes over the years. I have seen the destruction of wildfire from the fire line and try to stay optimistic about our future, while continuing to expand my knowledge and capture the wonders I find remarkable,” says Nancy.

Early on, her pictures were primarily for personal enjoyment. Now Nancy hopes sharing these photos will bring you the same peace, calm and spiritual connection that filled her heart when she took these photos.

“My goal is to offer you the raw splendor found in nature, and those we share it with.”

Contact Nancy by email at or purchase prints of her nature photography at

Furniture Outpost is located at 2801 N Monroe St, Spokane WA 99205, Born Again Collection is inside the same building on the sub-level.


Featured Artist: Lauren Sfeir & Carl Vennes

Lauren Sfeir

Lauren Sfeir got her start as a photographer seven years ago when she bought herself her first DSLR. She spent years as a student photojournalist and has taken pictures of everything from sporting events to weddings. However, her favorite subject to shoot is nature. Over time, she has traveled to various states and countries capturing the beauty that this earth has to offer. She especially loves capturing vibrant colors in her work. Her goal is to one day visit every US national park.

Contact Lauren on Instagram @sfeir_photography.

Carl Vennes’ bowl made from a Ponderosa Pine burl

Carl Vennes was raised on a farm in north central Montana. He makes wooden bowls by hand.

“I have been involved with woodworking for most of my life. I have built many wood objects over the years; they include a chest of drawers, coffee tables, cribbage boards, and picture frames, along with other projects.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Agriculture Education and a minor in Industrial Arts. I am a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War period. I am a father, grandfather, and a great-grandfather.

I recently purchased a wood lathe and am working with several kinds of wood making bowls.”

Knox Presbyterian Church is located at 806 W Knox Ave, Spokane, WA 99205

Pumpkin Painting Class at Knox PC

Knox Presbyterian Church, via our Arts Council, is providing reflective/meditation music in the sanctuary, and our artist(s) and artwork in the room adjoining the sanctuary. We are also offering low-cost painting classes in the cafeteria for the ArtWalk. Contact them to signup!


Featured Artist: Alicia Villa

Alicia Villa

Alicia Villa is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, writer and artist based in Spokane, WA. Printmaking started as a therapeutic practice and has become her favorite creative expression. Alicia’s style is heavily based in minimalism, texture and exploration of negative space.

Note that the artwork will be featured in the front windows for viewing, but the building will be closed.

Rogue Heart Media is located at ​2916 N Monroe (Window Display only)


Park & Walk for FREE!

There is a cluster of businesses who have art shows very close together. Street parking is free through the district.  cool Updates to the venues coming soon.

Featured Venues Showing at Art on Monroe


We at the North Monroe Business District are very thankful for all the artists and businesses who collaborated to make this event happen. The next few months will also feature holiday-inspired activities to go with the art. Just bringing a little more fun to our weekends and yours.

We are still looking for artists and businesses in our district to get into the ArtWalk events. Also, there may be vendor opportunities at the right location. If you are interested in getting involved with the upcoming ArtWalks, please send us a message with this little form.

Take care and see you at the ArtWalk!

ArtWalk Entry Form

    Are you a business venue or an artist?

    Businesses who host artwork must be on the North Monroe Corridor between Boone and Courtland.

    Where will the artwork be exhibited? Business Venue Name:

    What month will the art be featured?
    Please submit at least 2 weeks prior to date of show.

    Business email:

    We understand that artists have different contact preferences, so please fill in what applies.

    Artist name:

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