Nov. 13 ArtWalk on Monroe

N. Monroe has an ArtWalk event on Nov. 13th 2021. All the venues will be open from 4pm – 7pm. This is a new tradition for N. Monroe to display art on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Here’s a list of participants!

Featured Artist: Mystery Artist… go there and find out!

Atomic Threads is located at 1925 N. Monroe Suite A, Spokane, WA  99205

Featured Artists: bari and Larry Morgan

Coffee Break by Bari FederspielLarry Morgan

Artist: bari – I’ve been painting with watercolor since 2003.  My work constantly changes as I keep learning and trying new techniques.  I paint subjects I love and strive to glorify God through my work. I have fun painting but take the growth process seriously. I was born in Arkansas to two struggling college students, including a dad who had just returned from WWII and was getting his education on the GI bill. Because he returned to the military as an officer after earning his degree, we lived all over the world. Both parents were artists; I feel like I grew up in an art store.

Artist: Larry Morgan – Since my youth I have enjoyed outdoor adventures, experiencing the beauty and wonder of the natural world inspires most of my paintings. I find it gratifying to be able to stimulate curiosity and emotion through two-dimensional art. My ambition is to arouse wonder and awe, and to cause the observer to want to step into my landscapes. I was born in Eugene, Oregon, and lived in Oregon my entire life until moving to Spokane in 2019. I began connection with the great outdoors at age 4 while living with my grandparents at their oceanfront rentals in Nelscott, Oregon. This is my first show.

Avenue West Gallery is located at 907 W Boone, Spokane, WA  99201

Featured Artist: Lon Hyatt

Lon Hyatt

Lon can be followed on Instagram

Bellwether Brewing Co. is located at 2019 N. Monroe, Spokane WA 99205

Featured Artist: Robbin Miller

Robbin Miller floral painting

“I was a quiet and quirky Midwestern child who loved to draw and paint for hours. Now that I have relocated to the Pacific Northwest and my children have grown, I have reengaged with my inner artist, and I created this site to share my work.” — Robbin Miller.

Working as an interior designer for over 30 years has influenced my love of color. My studies of art history, especially the art of Henri Matisse and Joan Mitchell, brought me to enjoy painting in expressive and abstract styles. For me the act of painting is joyful, and my intention as an artist is to communicate that sense of joy through bold colors, strong brush strokes, and a quirky perspective on everyday objects. Therefore the paint itself is more important to me than the particular subject matter.

Find Robbin’s art online at

Elliotts an urban kitchen is located at 2209 N. Monroe, Spokane WA  99205

Featured Artist: Christopher Robert Lamb

Christopher Robert Lamb

As a self-proclaimed “neo-aesthete”, Christopher Lamb’s perspective on many different art forms has always been from a visual standpoint. A ballet and modern dancer who choreographs like a painter and an actor who directs plays and films like a choreographer, in the realm of photography he considers himself a “picture-taker” rather than an actual photographer, as he is only occasionally (and always unpredictably) compelled to pick up a camera to try to capture a moment in time. When not exploring the more visual forms of art, he also enjoys creating mental pictures through the words of his writing and with the help of his violin.

Contact Christopher at or at

Furniture Outpost is located at 2801 N Monroe St, Spokane WA 99205, Born Again Collection is inside the same building on the sub-level.

Featured Artist: Dawn Troxel

Dawn Troxel

Dawn Troxel is a local Spokane artist. You can contact her at:

Knox Presbyterian Church is located at 806 W Knox Ave, Spokane, WA 99205

Featured Artist: Mallory Battista

Mallory Battista Painting

Mallory Battista is a visual artist and writer currently occupied with painting murals and creating plant people portraits, block prints, comics, and ironwork. Her efforts with the local blacksmithing club, Columbia Fire & Iron, earned a SAGA grant in 2018, which expanded their ability to teach blacksmithing to the Spokane/CDA community. She loves her city and is obsessed with public art, bright colors, and exploring truth through humor.

Contact Mallory at: on or by email at

Note that the artwork will be featured in the front windows for viewing, but the building will be close at that time.

Rogue Heart Media is located at ​2916 N Monroe (Window Display only)


We at the North Monroe Business District are very thankful for all the artists and businesses who collaborated to make this event happen. The next few months will also feature holiday-inspired activities to go with the art. Just bringing a little more fun to our weekends and yours.

We are still looking for artists and businesses in our district to get into the ArtWalk events. Also, there may be vendor opportunities at the right location. If you are interested in getting involved with the upcoming ArtWalks, please send us a message with this little form.

Take care and see you at the ArtWalk!

ArtWalk Entry Form

    Are you a business venue or an artist?

    Businesses who host artwork must be on the North Monroe Corridor between Boone and Courtland.

    Where will the artwork be exhibited? Business Venue Name:

    What month will the art be featured?
    Please submit at least 2 weeks prior to date of show.

    Business email:

    We understand that artists have different contact preferences, so please fill in what applies.

    Artist name:

    Artist Biography (no more than 3 paragraphs please):

    Artist contact info:

    Attach an art sample here:
    One photo sample of the art is required - please upload it here, file size limit is 5MB.

    Park & Walk for FREE!

    There is a cluster of businesses who have art shows very close together. Street parking is free through the district.  cool Updates to the venues coming soon.

    Featured Venues Showing at Art on Monroe