N. Monroe is launching our first ArtWalk event on Oct. 9th 2021. All the venues will be open from 4pm – 7pm. This is the beginning of a tradition for N. Monroe to display art on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Here’s a list of participants!

Featured Artist: Kas

Kas artwork triangle
Kas is a freelance artist, finding any way to navigate, and express their mind. Their pieces are usually cultivated through processing an event personal to them, with hopes to provoke thought for those that look. As a tattoo apprentice in Post Falls, Kas hopes to continue fulfilling the creative in a directive career path, and consistently opens a schedule for commission works. Instagram: kth.tattoo

Atomic Threads is located at 1925 N. Monroe Suite A Spokane, WA  99205

Featured Artist: Emily Scott

Emily Scott artwork black and white

Emily Scott is a world traveler who originally hails from a “little town in Northwest Montana.” Her artwork features natural scenes that are abstracted with sharp contrast and textures. Learn more about Emily at https://emilyscottartist.com/

In addition to the ArtWalk Event, Bellwether is also hosting the Great PumpkinFest the same night. Proceeds got to @secondharvest_ Bite 2 go! #seeyouatthepatch #farmtothecity They are releasing a new brew for the event Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale: This beer is the quintessential fall beer; like drinking pumpkin. Made with fresh pumpkins straight from the farm.”


Bellwether Brewing Co. is located at 2019 N. Monroe, Spokane WA 99205

Featured Artist: James (Jim) Dhillon

Jim Dhillon

Jim Dhillon is an Eastern Washington based artist. His works are sensory communications on canvas that reflect the Human Experience. Find his art on instagram @jimjamesthepainter or online at https://www.jimdhillon.com/

Elliotts an urban kitchen is located at 2209 N. Monroe, Spokane WA  99205

Featured Artists: Kate Stigdon, Linda Lowry

2 local Artists will be showing at this large space, plus 2 famous artist’s pieces for sale.

linda lowry photographic art

Linda Lowry

Linda Lowry of Spokane is a Fine art photographer. She combines her background in art and photography with her passion for travel. The result is not typical travelogue-style “postcard” photos but rather an attempt to capture an emotional response to what is perceived as the essence of a place or culture. Several dozen of her photos can be seen in the Furniture Outpost Gallery.

Kate Stigdon

Kate Stigdon

Kate Stigdon studied at the At Students League, Manhattanville, the Columbus College of Art and Design and the U of M.  She is a mother of two daughters who live in Seattle. A lifelong sculptor, illustrator, printmaker, writer and musician, Kate has come to roost in Spokane in 2019. Kate is proud to be working with Smooth Transitions, Born Again Collection and Furniture Outpost where the old and new converge. Cloaked in Shadow and Light In 1995, Kate was able to visit Bombay which is now called Mumbai. She went all around with her Pentax K1000 taking slides and photos, falling in love with the place and the people; street children and women with their hesitant smiles.  Years later she painted the three oils on canvas which hang in the Furniture Outpost Gallery.


Ron Schmidt – Brutalist Nail Wall Art Sculpture The 5-foot, Mid Century Modern Ron Schmidt style Brutalist Nail Wall Art Sculpture can be seen in the Furniture Outpost Gallery. It is from the personal collection of Ralph and DeAnne Wilfong.

Katsuyuki Nishjima – Saga-Torilimoto Preserved Street in Kyoto Original woodblock print signed and numbered in pencil by artist. Likely printed in 2008, this print shows a preserved street in Kyoto. Lined with traditional machiya (town houses), which are now converted into shops and restaurants, the street offers a historic glimpse of a merchant town in the Meiji period. The Noren cloth that is in the print says “Tsutaya” Asian Antiques. Professionally matted and framed in the style of his gallery items. Katsuyuki Nishjima was born in 1945 in Japan. At age 19 he began studying woodblock printing in Kyoto. From 1972 he focused on limited edition woodblocks using traditional old buildings as his main subject matter. His work is exceptionally popular, portraying a romantic, traditional vision of Japan. His mastery of intriguing angles and the intricate play of light and color distinguish Nishijima among other contemporary Japanese artists.

Furniture Outpost is located at 2801 N Monroe St, Spokane WA 99205, Born Again Collection is inside the same building on the sub-level.

Featured Artist: Clinton Barnes

Clinton Barnes artwork fighter jets

Clinton Barnes was born and raised in Spokane. Barnes was a farmer in Rathdrum, ID where he has lived on a hay ranch for the past four decades. In his 80’s he has rediscovered his passion for the medium, painting familiar scenes from Idaho in watercolors.

Featured Artist: Brandy Seistrup

Brandy Seistrup Fox Artwork

Brandy Seistrup was raised in Louisville Kentucky. She has always loved art but was hesitant becoming an artist. She spend several years in the corporate world. She then decided to enter the art field full time in 2017. She opened her business, “Opal Fox Fine Art” in Spokane WA. She also started a non-profit called “The Art Advocate Association”, which supports community art programming, community-based art projects and art advocacy. Check her out online at localfoxfineart.com and on Facebook

The Monroe Room is located at 2003 N. Monroe, Spokane WA  99205

Featured Artist: Kristen Robertson

Kristen Robertson Polish deer

Kristen Robertson doesn’t like to consider herself a professional in the art field. Instead, she prefer to be called an amateur experimental artist, who runs primarily on trial and error. While she took a few Fine Art classes at Spokane Falls Community College back in ‘04-’05 and 2008. She’s sticking to the techniques she’s created for herself.

Kristen says, “I sketch out the foundation of what it is I want to paint, then let the paintings create itself. Never will I know how it will turn out. It could turn out amazing, other times, it turns out flawed yet unique.”

“Every piece I make is different. Every piece has its own imperfections and uniqueness. Every piece has its own character. It’s free style. Whatever medium I choose to use, it winds up having the last say on what the finished product will look like. My job is to assist it along all the while watching the magic happen.”

“My hope is that you, as the viewer, can take something out of the pieces I have on display for you today. Good, bad, or ugly. It doesn’t matter. As long as they move you in one way or another, I’ve done my job. And that’s all I truly care about.” You can find more from Kristen on Instagram @kristen.robertson.754 or by email at kristenr1986@yahoo.com

Knox Presbyterian Church is located at 806 W Knox Ave, Spokane, WA 99205


ARTWALK Monroe Map

We at the North Monroe Business District are very thankful for all the artists and businesses who collaborated to make this event happen. The next few months will also feature holiday-inspired activities to go with the art. Just bringing a little more fun to our weekends and yours.

We are still looking for artists and businesses in our district to get into the ArtWalk events. Also, there may be vendor opportunities at the right location. If you are interested in getting involved with the upcoming ArtWalks, please send us a message with this little form.

Take care and see you at the ArtWalk!

ArtWalk Entry Form

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    Businesses who host artwork must be on the North Monroe Corridor between Boone and Courtland.

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    What month will the art be featured?
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